A recent Census report indicates that less than half of Americans voluntarily read even one work of literature in a 12-month period. Less than 7% of Americans said that they had voluntarily read any poetry during that period, a significant decline from the 17% reported in 1992. Imagine Dallas is reversing this trend in the Dallas area.


In 2005, Amos J. Hunt, founder and President of Imagine Dallas, began producing a literary magazine, Grub Street Grackle. It was distributed online and in local bookstores in Irving and Dallas. The Grackle sponsored many literary events over the years, often featuring contributors to the magazine and engaging an enthusiastic local readership. The eighteenth issue was released in March 2015, with funds from the Grackle’s second successful Kickstarter campaign.

Imagine Dallas will provide a stable platform for the continued production of Grub Street Grackle and expansion of its readership, including the publication of books, single-author collections, and anthologies. In addition, it will sponsor programs and activities intended to cultivate interest in literary writing in schools and centers of living culture.


Poetry should be part of the everyday life of all people. Imagine Dallas is incorporated to cultivate an appreciative, discerning, mainstream audience for literary writing, especially poetry, in the Dallas area. We imagine a future in which the name “Dallas” is synonymous with poetry.


Amos Hunt, Founder & President

Adam Cooper, Director, Secretary

Serena Howe, Director, Treasurer

Andrew Osborn, Director