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Bonehouse Poetry Party

Once again we're inviting all poetry-loving (or even just poetry-curious) Dallasites to enjoy an afternoon of verse mixing memory and desire, at their favorite Dallas bar/bookstore. We will be returning to The Wild Detectives on Saturday, July 23 at 3 PM for a free poetry reading.


  • Therese Eby
  • Rhett Forman
  • Reverie Powell

  • Amos J. Hunt

And introducing:

  • Aubrey Lively

Bonehouse's unique round-robin presentation, in which each poet chooses and introduces a poem by one of the others, shines a light on crafted, striking words, not personalities. The goal is always for the audience to take hold of the poetry as something that belongs to them.

Bonehouse is a group of local poets who believe that good poetry happens within thoughtful community. Poetry is meant to be heard, and they have a particular commitment to inviting listeners to participate in the critical activity of poetry, the experience of a poem.

They take their name from a line in Gerard Manley Hopkins’ "The Caged Skylark" as a reflection of their common interest in the life of the body, a life awkwardly and beautifully strung between spirit and dirt.