National Poetry Month Memorization Challenge

We need poetry more in the world. That is, we don't need more poetry, but we need the poetry we have to be worked ever deeper into the fabric of everyday life. The best way each of us can make that happen is to memorize poetry, as much of it as we can. When you have poetry memorized, it's not only in your mind, it's in the rhythm of your life. It's a spring-loaded vision, ready to leap into life when you need it.

This April, we're challenging you to celebrate National Poetry Month by committing to memorize 4 poems, one each week throughout the month. If you want to participate, sign on to the challenge by clicking the "FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN" button on our crowdrise page. Once you sign up, you'll have your own fundraiser page and can invite friends and family to sponsor you by making a donation to Imagine Dallas.

Don't just read poetry this National Poetry Month. Walk it, breathe it, live it. Memorize it!