Each year, we produce one issue of our literary magazine, Grub Street Grackle, in two editions: a free edition distributed throughout the Dallas area, and a limited series available online. Each issue features residents of Dallas County, as well as international contributions. Imagine Dallas will also publish books, to be sold online and through local bookstores, including: novels, memoirs, essays, and poetry and short story collections (both single-author and anthology).


Imagine Dallas sponsors and promotes a distributed network of poets who read and critique each other’s work while learning from accomplished poets, and periodically perform for their own communities. The activity of poetry as practiced by each of these groups is neither raw “self-expression” (like the poetry you wrote in high school) nor eloquent obfuscation, but an invitation to a community to discover itself in a spirit of patience and openness.


As a service to local students, Imagine Dallas plans and delivers classroom lectures and activities designed to introduce young readers to the effects of literature through attentive, discerning acts of interpretation. Our program brings poetry tutorials to classrooms, libraries, and other venues throughout the Dallas area. When students engage in a guided experience of poetry, they can find new possibilities for experience and a rediscovered joy of learning.